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Unicorn Frappuccino #291
Unicorn Frappuccino #291
Unicorn Frappuccino #291

Unicorn Frappuccino #291

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Unicorn Frappuccino is a sliver holographic frappe cup glitter.

We are so excited to bring this to you! For those of you who like ordering from the Secret Menu! Is blue? Is it pink? What color is it?


It’s unclear what makes the drink blue / pink—food coloring? the souls of Smurfs? Skittles?—but just because it was discontinued elsewhere you can get it here!!

Each shape is 8mm with a heart cut out in the middle.  The extra heart shape cutouts are included!

Each back is 1/2 ounce by weight and ships same day if ordered before 3:30 Est.  

We have several colors in stock so that we cover all our coffee lover bases!

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