Faux Rizzle Samples
Faux Rizzle Samples

Faux Rizzle Samples

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SAMPLE SIZE Faux Rizzle Resin Epoxy

This listing is for a 4 or 8 oz SAMPLE size.

An 8oz sample is 4 oz of each side A & B for a total volume of 8oz of mixed epoxy. 

An 16oz sample is 8 oz of each side A & B for a total volume of 16 oz of mixed epoxy. 

Please be sure to select the appropriate type and size using the drop down. 

Faux Rizzle UV has an UV protectant in the formula. This means it will help prevent yellowing and fading due to UV exposure :) This UV protection does NOT stop UV color change glitters and powders from changing! Be sure to select the appropriate selection to get the product you need. 

PLEASE NOTE: WHEN EXPOSED TO COLD TEMPS (such as during shipping) your epoxy may crystallize. If this happens you’ll need to place your epoxy in warm water until the temperature throughout is 150°! This will melt the crystals and your epoxy will be 100% usable! You may notice just a few crystals or your entire container may turn white and feel kinda hard to the touch! Just place container in warm water until throughly heated to 150°! Orders will not be replaced or refunded due to crystallization. 

***Samples are not offered by Faux Rizzle directly. This means that samples will ship in sample bottles that are not branded in any way with Faux Rizzle company information. If this concerns you, please choose a full size volume rather than these samples. 

*****I do not ship signature required unless requested! If you want a signature required, please let me know in the notes to seller section. Otherwise all packages are shipped without signature.*****

*****IF YOU'RE PACKAGE IS LOST OR DAMAGED BY THE USPS, you will need to file a claim through USPS. I cannot be responsible for your product once it leaves our facility. If you receive the item damaged or it is lost, please file a claim with USPS.